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10 Super Cute Clothing Brands That Give Back To Save Animals

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As fashion-loving animal advocates, we have an appreciation for brands that manage to be cute and trendy while giving back to help save animals of all kinds. Here are the best brands to shop when you want to look good on the outside and feel warm and fuzzy inside. 


pretty girl wearing penguin t-shirt

1. Adélie Outfitters

We may be biased, but penguins will always come first in our hearts. The eco-friendly, patterned penguin tees, tanks, and leggings from AO are super cute and wearable, and 10% of net profits goes toward penguin conservation charities like SANCCOB


2. Ivory Ella

Ivory Ella is a women's t-shirt brand that donates 10% of profits toward Save the Elephants. They're known for comfy collections of tees and tanks featuring their cute and colorful elephant logo.


3. Shelly Cove

Calling all turtle lovers; this t-shirt brand was made with you in mind. Shelly Cove donates a portion of profits from their preppy turtle tees and hats toward the Karen Beasley Sea Turtle Rescue and Rehabilitation Center in Surf City, North Carolina.

4. The Elephant Pants

Known for their elephant-patterned harem pants, The Elephant Pants also features collections of adorable tees, kimonos, and accessories. When you shop their products, a  portion of your purchase goes to one of several different elephant conservation organizations they support. 

5. Happy Sloth Co.

If you're a frequenter of baby sloth videos on YouTube, you might fall hard for this sloth-saving t-shirt brand. 10% of their profits is donated to sloth conservation in Costa Rica.

6. Pawz

You don't have to be a pet owner to appreciate the cause these paw-printed t-shirts support. Pawz gives a portion of their net profits to to help end the euthanasia of dogs and cats all over the world.

7. Savannah

Help save endangered lions! Hand-crafted bracelets and lion logo tees from Savannah help raise funds for the Niassa Lion Project.

8. Arm the Animals

Donations from Arm the Animals products go toward several different animal welfare organizations. Shop everything from swimsuits to shower curtains and purchase with purpose.

9. Animal-Hearted

Specializing in apparel and gifts for animal lovers, Animal-Hearted donates a generous 25% of profits toward animal rescues and sanctuaries. Browse their store by animal to see the huge variety of designs to choose from.

10. Sevenly

To date, Sevenly has donated over five million dollars toward all types of non-profits, including several animal-supporting causes. Shop men's and women's apparel categorized by cause, and purchase products knowing exactly where your money's going.

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