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5 Everyday Changes You Can Make to Help Save The Penguins

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Penguins are well-known for their black and white feathers and adorable waddle, but did you know that 10 out of 18 penguin species are under threat of extinction? Tragically, penguins are having to overcome human-created obstacles, like climate change, in order to survive. If this fact makes you want to take action, you're not alone. Here are 5 simple changes you can enact to make sure we don't lose the world's most beloved bird to human ignorance.


Save the penguins


Turn off the lights

hand lighting a candle in the dark with match

 Yes, global warming affects the penguins too. Warmer oceans mean less food to eat, and harsh weather changes cause storms that can drown penguin chicks. Conserving energy by unplugging, driving less, and switching off the lights may feel like a small thing, but every little bit helps in the fight against climate change. 


Choose sustainable seafood

Sustainable shrimp seafood

Every purchase you make is a chance to vote with your wallet. Purchasing sustainable seafood will help cut back on overfishing and ensure that penguins aren't starving due to food scarcity or drowning by entanglement in fishing nets.


Say no to straws

colorful pile of straws

 100 million marine animals are killed each year due to plastic pollution. While going completely plastic-free can be a challenge, we can all recycle and find ways to cut back on plastic usage. Start by saying no to plastic straws, grocery bags, and water bottles and by being more mindful of ways you can reduce your footprint. 


Help support a penguin advocacy group

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Donate a bit of your paycheck to SANCCOB or BirdLife International, or purchase clothes that donate a percentage of proceeds to saving the penguins. Every little bit helps!


Spread the word on social media

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 While donating money may be the most straightforward way to help penguins, there's an easy way to support these advocates through something you use everyday: social media. One of our favorite charitable organizations with amazing, shareable social media content is Oceana. An added bonus is that you can now feel a little less guilty about all that screen time; after all, it's for the penguins!


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