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There's no other bird quite as beloved by the world as the penguin. Unfortunately, over half of penguin species are under threat of extinction due to human impact.


The biggest threat to some penguin species, like the Adélie, is man-made climate change which leads to food and habitat shortage and rainstorms that can kill young chicks. Others suffer most from pollution, oil spills, and drowning by entanglement in fishery nets.

Penguins and their chicks are under threat due to human impact

When a penguin is killed at sea, the impact continues back at the nest where his mate will likely live out the rest of her life never finding another partner, and their chicks will die of hunger.


Whether through ignorance or apathy, humans have created so much damage to penguin habitats, but a lot of these issues can likewise be solved through human effort. By donating to organizations that support healthy oceans and protect penguin habitat, we can give these little guys a better chance at survival.




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